DNA Methylation and You

Your Genes and Your Destiny.

GroundSpring Healing Center helps you understand the conflicts that may occur when you think you are ‘doing everything you can’ and still not getting your wellness results.

Gonzo Flores is certified in advanced training in Methylation and Clinical Nutrigenomics and he can help you interpret potential problems you may find with your actual DNA along with the biochemical processes involved in these “mutations.”

These ‘mutations’ are also known as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, or SNPs. Along with the many services that Ground Spring Healing Center provides, Gonzo feels that this information is an essential piece in understanding the inner journey of your own biological and psychological wellbeing. The more you understand ‘the inner you’ the better you are in understanding the challenges and processes of optimal health in today’s world.

Gonzo invites you on a quest (and a little detective work) to understand how and why your health challenges persist and to find out what susceptible challenges may occur in the future. We are in charge of our own health- so let’s make that journey a happy healthy viable one!


Welcome to your future!!

The first thing to do if you have not done so already is to order (online) the 23 and me kit (include purchasing the ‘health’ section) and you order this online. The clinic referral link is below:



Already have your genetic raw data?

Please call the clinic at 503-244-1330 or email Gonzo at gonzo@donpedrojaramillo.com for instructions and consultation appointments available.

Here are the details of the consult session:
The consultation fee is $700 per person.

This includes the following:
*3 hour consult with Gonzo (split up into two 1.5 hour segments)- schedule with the front desk for these appointments.
*The Dirty Genes book by Ben Lynch
*Two DNA variant reports for future reference (both digital and hard copy)
*Gonzo’s customized one-on-one specific interpretation on the DNA variant reports
*Next steps on the health path (of course!)