What is a BaZi Life Reading?


Life Readings are based on the time line calculations derived from the ancient almanacs that have been used by the native peoples of Asia and America for over a millennia. This kind of calculation is often used in Asia with the application of Feng Shui and other types of geomancy calculations. In Asia, you will find there are countless examples where business decisions are made, wedding dates selected and life decisions that are partly based on this kind of informational input. In America, these calculations are set for sacred ceremonies, healing rituals and rites of passage.

‘Climatology’ not ‘Astrology’

Life Readings can have a profound impact on a person’s life. The information bestowed upon them tells a person of confirmations, misgivings and other patterns measured with cycles of time. These readings focus on the natural evolution of time and environment. The landscape that we measure has an inherent understanding that states that you are not alone and that you are connected to the rest of the world. Literally. What you do has ripple effects. We often do not see them.

Life Readings are not ‘Astrology’ or ‘Horoscope’ readings. This is a common misconception. The readings provided are not based on alignment of celestial bodies, stars and planets. The readings provided are based on the alignment of blocks of time to measure your entire universe. Let me repeat this: Entire. Universe.

There are stages in your life when you need to know what to do. There are times in your life where you think you know one that thing is going on, and instead it becomes a ‘reversal of fortune’ in the process. There are times in our life when we think we have no control. There are other times when we think “we are in control” when we really “are not in control.”

My journey that has taken me from the mountains of Song Shan and the Shaolin temple in China to the sacred long houses of ‘the People’ in the canyons of the Southwest here in the USA. In my travels and life long study, I have confirmed this certainty: there are no accidents. There are mishaps, pitfalls, splattered spaghetti sauce and spilled milk, but upon hindsight, we gain a sense of maturity and understanding…until we make those mistakes again.

These Life Readings help a person along the way in search of themselves to limit those mistakes. My grandmother told me many years ago, “The hardest thing to do is to know yourself.” So if you are ready to take this journey, be ready.

With the help of this guidance and the tools I utilize in understanding a person’s life roadmap, the calculation is not very complicated. The hard part is when do you begin being human again.

“Great- So Where do I start?”

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Life Readings begin with the foundations of these calendar system, that states the flow of time is subject to a continuous change of qualities which affects the life of an individual. If the functions of the quality changes of time are known, it is possible to calculate the development of the person’s potential for his/her whole life span. These Life Readings provide a roadmap of confirmations and possibilities with relationships with one’s family, marriage, children and their education, life event planning, personal crisis management and inner mind balance. The solutions are derived from the selection and composition of these calculations to gain an insight on your Life’s path, purpose and personal destiny. The results of the calculation evaluates and interprets a variety of physical, mental/emotional and other life assessments, as well as in relation to the Chinese medical diagnosis of the function of organs according to East Asian Medicine theory and practice. These overarching theories for the categorization of human personality have matured and have experienced an uninterrupted development up to this day. The East Asian design of these calculations prosper especially in Taiwan R.O.C. where a rich expert literature on the topic has been produced. It also finds lively application in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and in every other society committed to the classical Chinese traditions. The Native American calendar system has begun to enjoy a ‘renaissance’ with our traditional ways. We see our traditional ways being taught to those who are interested in knowing about culture and nature from an indigenous perspective.