GroundSpring Pain Clinic

Questions and Answers

1. What is the difference between the Pain Clinic and a regular acupuncture treatment?

A full acupuncture treatment is for the full body. Your acupuncturist will feel your pulse, look at your tongue, assess your organ's motility and mobility, assess your joint mobility and will create a treatment plan for you, the entire you. Sometimes joint pain is caused from dysfunction of your organ systems, for example: fibromyalgia, gallbladder inflammation, food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, and others. In these instances, the pain clinic would only be a temporary band-aid. A full acupuncture treatment, including assessment and evaluation would allow the practitioner to find and treat the root of these imbalances. The pain clinic is not a full acupuncture treatment and does not include assessment or diagnosis. The pain clinic is an ideal choice if you have already received a full assessment and still have pain requiring repeat acupuncture treatments, close together in succession.

2. Why the cost difference?

As acupuncture is a modality for pain relief, some injuries require more than one treatment for relief. The pain clinic is priced for the instance where you may need 5 treatments. In this case, you'd only pay $200 to be treated 5x instead of $350 or more. The pain clinic is also designed to treat you everyday so we can keep you pain free before the pain rein-filtrates the area.

3. Can I submit this to my insurance?

The pain clinic is a very short interaction with your practitioner, billed as a short office visit. We can give you a receipt to submit each visit to your insurance.

4. Do I continue taking my pain relievers or my NSAIDS?

You are welcome to take anything your doctor prescribes, however, you may find you can wean your dosage and your frequency as your treatment progresses. We have a wide variety of herbal pain relievers that have good success rate that your acupuncturist can prescribe. We have found, clinically, that medical marijuana does affect the nervous system in a way that makes it harder to pinpoint the affected nerve requiring treatment. We ask to not use marijuana or a marijuana pouch the day of treatment so we can better assess the true cause of your pain.

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