GroundSpring Healing Center, P.C. is a health and wellness clinic founded by the wife and husband team of Joanna and Gonzalo Flores in 2001, in Portland, Oregon.
We provide the following services in Traditional Chinese Medicine for adult and pediatric populations: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Shiatsu, Tuina, Chinese Medical Foot Reflexology, Qigong and Medical Qigong. Other healing services include Pilates, Intuitive Readings, Herbal Consultations and Nutritional Assessments.

The name GroundSpring comes from the concept of being "grounded" before "springing" into action. Joanna and I came up with this name in a true partnership of thought, association and reconciliation in the art of the wordsmith. We created the name "GroundSpring" as we took a lovely stroll through Lower McLeay Park, in Northwest Portland. The Chinese character we chose was one we found carved in to a giant stone, at the edge of the Jade Valley, located in the foothills of China's most famous mountain, "Huang Shan," located in AnHui province, in the People's Republic of China. The Chinese character in the middle of our logo is the Chinese symbol for "Love."

We are located in Southwest Portland at the corners of Multnomah and Barbur Blvd. at the edge of Multnomah Village next to the "Safeway" on Barbur Boulevard. Acupuncturists are licensed by the State of Oregon to perform acupuncture, herbal prescription and application, Asian massage therapy, and all other modalities of Oriental Medicine. Pilates instructors are certified through Stott Pilates and have additional training in physical rehabilitation.

For more information about Gonzalo and Joanna, please click on the "Practitioners" page.

GroundSpring Healing Center is very fortunate to house other skilled practitioners who can share their talents in Chinese Medicine and Asian Bodywork, Pilates, Massage, and Counseling. All practitioners operate as their own business, which allows them to offer different pricing and insurance plans. We value the opportunity to offer different personalities and various styles of healing under one roof.

Our upper floor houses our Pilates studio and our group space which is available for rentals. The group space can accommodate 10-12 comfortably sitting in chairs. Our main floor is handicapped accessible with Gonzo's treatment rooms and our extensive pharmacy which offers Chinese herbs, homeopathic remedies, and nutritional supplements from companies such as Biotics, Standard Process, Thorne, Jarrow, People's Herbs, ITM, and Native American herbs from Texas. Our skin care products are from HABA.

Our lower floor and outside garden and reflexology path is our hidden treasure. We have 3 chairs for simultaneous reflexology treatments and flower essence formulations. Our lower floor is handicapped accessible with advance notice, so we can guide you into the lower parking lot and open the door for you.

The outside garden is available to all, year-round for path walking. We recommend leather moccasins, or soft leather shoes initially to prepare your feet. If you have impaired healing, or diabetes, we do not recommend the more pokey purple stones. Gradually, you can work your way up to 20-30 minute sessions. Please try to keep the noise volume low since treatment rooms are right next to the path and directly overhead. Walking the path is a wonderful way to keep your feet free of buildup and for providing your own "qi moving" experience by stimulating your Acupoints in your feet. You get to be your own barefoot doctor!


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