Fung Ming Kung, L.Ac.Fung Ming Kung, L.Ac. Fung-Ming Kung, LAc, RN is a licensed acupuncturist with a Master in Science of Oriental Medicine from National College of Natural Medicine. Before her graduate study, she received her bachelor degree in Nursing. She specialized in home care and worked in Boston for twelve years. Her practice combines ancient and modern medical understanding with compassionate, whole-person approach derived from eastern and western philosophy.

During her experiences in nursing, Fung-Ming realizes that healing is the process to become whole. She then pursued training in holistic nursing and healing touch and became certified with American Holistic Nurse Association and Healing Touch International. Because her passion in the health care is to help self and others to heal from within, so she focuses not only treating on symptoms relief and its root cause but also to empower patients to take control of their healing. In the treatment room, she combines acupuncture, Chinese herbs, natural supplements, Chinese massage therapy, energy therapy, tuning fork, and manual therapy. She also has non-needle methods for patients who are sensitive or fearful to needles.

Fung-Ming was born and raised in Taiwan, where she received a associate degree in Chemical Engineering. A helper by nature, she chose nursing as a career, came to the United States to study, and subsequently graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She spent twelve years as a primary home care nurse, focusing on community health, health education and case management. She has served in a primary care clinic, a senior center and an allergy/asthma center. Because of her more than a decade of experiences in nursing, she is capable to help patients to manage their health with an integrated approach.

After graduating from NCNM, Fung-Ming is honored to work as a resident in GroundSpring Healing Center, P.C. and has completed her training in Classical Chinese Reflexology, and she currently mentors with Joanna in visceral and neural manipulation.
Fung-Ming has special interest in pain management, digestive disorders, women’s health, addictions, mental-emotional health, acute and chronic injuries, supportive cancer care and chronic illness.

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