Pilates is a learning process and a strengthening program, designed to put us in control of our movements so grace and strength are part of our natural rhythm. Pilates training begins by retraining the abdominals to support our bodies naturally at a higher frequency and with greater consistency. Pilates training evolves to an entire body workout. Each exercise relies on the abdominals, however significant work is required of the arms, legs, and upper back. After just 5 sessions, you will feel like a new person, yet after 10 sessions, the natural way your body composes itself will look significantly different. You can weigh the same, but you may drop down dress sizes. Pilates trained muscles become longer, leaner, and stronger in all movements. Pilates is similar to Yoga in that Joseph Pilates, studied yoga, along with Zen meditation, and trapeze. Pilates is very different from yoga in that very specific muscle groups are isolated through movement. Many people find pain relief with acupuncture, yet utilize their Pilates training to cure the cause of the injury and prevent reoccurrence.

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