Flower essences are an unscented water-based solution that contains the healing chi (life force imprint) of a flower. They can instantly calm, support and stabilize you, your children, and your pets during crisis or work more gradually as a truly holistic means for achieving long-term emotional and mental balance. Flower essences can also catalyze transformation or needed change.

They are a form of "vibrational medicine," which supports our own natural healing process. Vibrational medicine is defined as a way of treating and balancing your subtle energy system (chakras, energy fields, meridians) using energy. Flower essences are powerful tools when used in conjunction with bodywork, counseling, spiritual practices, as well as medical treatments including surgery. The healing process quickens because the flower essences reconnect breaks in the optimal flow of energy within the body. Results from acupuncture, energy work, massage, cranial sacral, homeopathy, chiropractic treatments can be greatly improved. Taking a few drops of flower essences before, during, and/or after an acupuncture treatment, for example, helps the body "hold" the positive adjustments made to the meridians by assisting the nervous system with re-patterning as well as releasing the emotional/mental blocks surrounding the issue.

GroundSpring Healing Center, P.C. uses the essences from 3 Flowers Healing ( ). All essences from 3 Flowers Healing are created from plants that are native to the Columbia River Gorge area. Using the essence of local native plants increases the vibrational benefits to our bodies.

They are most often used by placing a few drops under the tongue or in water and drinking, two or three times a day or as needed.

Flower Essences Complete FAQ (word doc)

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